So the Ultrasound Made Me Sick

The ultrasound on my neck of my carotid arteries etc ended up being very taxing for me. It only took about 45 minutes, but took the rest of the day to recover, and I slept a lot yesterday too. I am noticing that I do that after the weekend most of the time. Recovery from too much fun 🙂

Close Up
Hand knitting becomes amazing when viewed in detail-but blurs if photographed too closely.

The ultrasound was going fine until the tech switched to my left side, then everything wonked, lots of body pain and a migraine triggered. Could be something, could be not. Moves are being made to move to a much better healthcare system-even just for diagnostics that would be a huge blessing. My medical benefits are all in line, now, for everything in Texas, but I do have to check how it will transfer out of state. What fun, calling Medicaid.

I’ve also been pretty distraught, though the additional medical benefits that I received yesterday will help. I am less than hopeful that things will change, that I will get better. It sucks, really.

Sometimes, lessons are in the strangest places. While choosing the picture for this post, I was reminded that I can get too close to an issue to see it for what it really is.


So, whatcha think?

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