I’m a Poet and Didn’t Know It

In the last few days and weeks, as I’ve been getting this blog together and compiling it into one site, I have realized that in addition to the other hats I wear, I am a writer, too.


I have been writing pretty regularly for years, but didn’t realize how much! A week or two ago, I ported a few other blogs over into this one-and was surprised to have almost 200 posts! Some aren’t great, granted, and they all need to be better organized, but that is a lot of content!

I am proud of that accomplishment, I like accomplishing things without really working toward a goal-but discovering that it is goal worthy after completed is awesome!


In the next few days, I plan to move this whole shootin’ match over to http://www.whitneychristmas.com. I should be able to have a link or forward visitors from this page to that, to make it an easy transition. I am really looking forward to getting the reorg and move done, it will be awesome to have the content at my fingertips, and those of guests.


Thanks and love, Happy Sunday,





Pretty Definitely Sure: Psychiatrist Visit, Today

Pretty definitely sure that I don’t want to go. Pretty definitely sure I have to. Fun times. I just am so sick of the constant battle. I’m reading the book Wheat Belly, and though I am only 10% into the book, it makes a compelling argument for quitting wheat, cold turkey.

My crochet monokini (Tunisian iirc) is too tiny for the mannequin, I don’t have an accurate view of body sizes.

I’m sure there’s a reason I haven’t done it. It is a huge commitment to make, but I know it would make a positive difference, even if it doesn’t make my brain-loonies go away, I know I would drop weight. I’m so tired of having to be super careful about cheese, even. Next up: No gluten? That sounds quite a bit more wretched. Though, the cheese dishes have pasta quite often, so its just one of those things.

Announcing a New Drawing! “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by the Beatles

I’ve put another drawing up on Fine Art America, in the music art section. It is loosely based on the song by the Beatles entitled “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Without further ado, here is a thumbnail-click through the image to get to the ordering page 🙂

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

I really love the serenity of the beach scene… The newspaper boat is named Lisa, an update on the name Lucy. The emerald green iris still marks dynamism and change available to both “the girl with the kaleidoscope eyes” and to Lucy herself… The sky of the pupil is reflected in the sky behind the shape of the eye. I like the combination of graphic geometric elements and a bit softer shaded look central to the drawing.

Take a look by clicking through the image-unframed art prints start at $20, and greeting cards are available as well as acrylic canvas prints, metal prints, a cell phone case for galaxy or iPhone, and more.

Love your life,


The Nature of Poverty

Note: This is just a scattering of thoughts, I haven’t really edited for clarity so I’m not sure it even makes sense. And I’m not really that bitter about the issues, it just amazes me some days. The disparity between the haves and have nots has gotten pretty wide in this country-and it is disturbing. Especially the statistics related to veteran homelessness. Pitiful.

Self Portrait, January 2012, ink.

So, here we go:

Its an interesting thing to think about-poverty in the grand ol’ United States of America. The home of the brave (who aren’t taken care of and represent a significant portion of those in poverty… both while in the military and afterward), and the land of the free, not that anything in life is ever free.

So, the two fantasy themes on which a large part of American lore is based, Brave and Free, are pretty darn false. Even if brave is taken to mean risk takers in general-entrepreneurs come to mind-and free indicates freedom to make personal choices. Its all about the American Dream. Get your education, work hard, and you will do well in life. Unfortunately, though I think this may have been the case to a certain point in US history, I don’t see it as very true at this time.

Sculpture: Mannequin, mixed media 2005

I live below poverty line, and have for quite a while. I am smart and well educated, but disabled. And the jury is out on whether I’m getting adequate health care at this time, through the “system” as it is. I am pretty sure that with the right accommodations, I could hold a job in a more typical sense. The lack of work/life balance and level of stress in most positions, however, makes this more than impossible.

Lewis Carroll Quote
Lewis Carroll Quote-Misspelled, a couple years ago when I made it, and just noticed.

I’ve been daydreaming lately of holding a job. It seems pretty exciting really. My time with G– was a huge challenge, and I did crack in the end, but I did damn well with the complications handed to me! Same with TD Ameritrade. Top of my class in the 5 week training period, but the stringent and inflexible time/break schedules eventually did me in. I’ve had other jobs, Merle Norman and Glamour Shots come to mind, but retail just isn’t a good idea for me lol.

I’ve been looking into artist residency and relocation programs around the state, country, and world. Unfortunately for the residencies, even if there is a small stipend, travel and other expenses are to be paid by the artist. For the relocation programs… money for renovations or “good enough” credit to hold the forgivable mortgage. Someday, I will get there, but everything has to start at the bottom, of course.

Art Quilt Detail

I guess the thing I’ve learned about it lately, though, is that REALLY, money and happiness do not equate. Or relate, really. I’m pretty happy, pretty stable, and pretty broke. So… Its ok really, but it doesn’t mean I can sit on my laurels. Several months off is plenty.

My goal… really, is just to be able to manage to pay bills, food on the table, and go out a couple times a month. Just enough, really. Nothing extravagant. Living at poverty line instead of below… Now there’s a concept!

High ho, high ho, off to work we go. The mind still wants to believe that what I know is more important than who I know, and that talent plus hard work equals success. Its important for me to hold those hopes though, at least it propels me forward. And forward motion, well, there’s some momentum in that. And movement is the essence of life. So, I guess in the end it all works out, but, occasionally I would love to have a budget that even theoretically covers the bills and essentials. We’ll make it, figure it out. We are clever and creative, and of course that is what counts.

Summer’s Coming aaaand Fiverr!

I’m pretty excited this morning. I sat down and finalized my blog planning, in order to have a bit more focus and fun with it 🙂 Today’s tasks are-Introduce “Summer’s Coming” theme, and let you know about my Fiverr gigs!

Soooo, without further ado….

Summer’s Coming!

Get ready for the heat and sunburns, festivals and swimming. I adore summer in Texas-though it definitely does get super hot. Most of the small towns around here have festivals of some kind, including mine. Florence is, apparently, the Friendliest Town in Texas. Never mind that there is a bullying epidemic in the school system.  Small town culture is very interesting.

I plan to show you some of my art-and make some art/craft tuts perfect for summertime. Tutorials will be here, free with photos and perhaps video. Also, there will be some book suggestions, photos, and mentions of local upcoming events. There might even be a recipe or two!

fiverr link to my gigs!

My Fiverr gigs are approved and posted, and I plan to add more, but the first ones are special.

I love sharing my art, but its just not feasible to give it away 🙂 As a way for me to make a few bucks and keep myself in supplies, I’ve put a fun listing on Fiverr. The cost is 5$ for the digital image of a custom drawing. I’m doing them free association style, in alcohol marker on post card size paper. Send me your favorite quote or song lyrics after purchase, and I’ll make something fabulous!

For just a peek, here’s one I’ve already done, loosely related to “Hey There, Delilah” by I forget who… aha, here it is:

She's Only 17
4×6 alcohol ink on paper


So, thanks for looking and thanks for your time-the Fiverr thing would make a great gift too… Christmas shopping anyone? LOL

Now off to work on moving this whole shebang over to whitneychristmas.com in the near future. Hopefully I can get things a little better organized first!



Under Construction-Pardon the Dust!

Wanted to drop a quick sticky line here to say, “Welcome! Pardon the dust!”

I am working on all of my web stuff right now, and the major plan is to move this work all to my page at http://www.whitneychristmas.com (which is currently photography related).

Thanks and all! Ya’ll come back now, ya’hear!


Crazy and in Pain?

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